5/4×6″ Cedar Decking

5/4×6″ Cedar Decking

$2.26 / linear foot

Local eastern white cedar!

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Eastern white cedar 5/4×6″ decking is naturally beautiful and more resistant to decay and insects than other species of wood. Our cedar decking offers an alternative to pressure treated or composite decking. From coastal cottages of Cape Cod to log cabins in the heart of Maine, cedar decking is the essential touch to turn your deck into an outdoor sanctuary.

A real eastern white cedar deck has something special about it that no composite deck can match. It accepts stains, paints, and finishes exceptionally well. Making it very versatile and customizable. If you prefer your cedar deck unstained it will develop natural grey color, but can still last for many years untreated( although not recommended ).

All cedar decking from The Wood Mill is air dried in advance, so you will receive good stable wood, resisting warping and shrinking better than most other species. Cedar tends not to split or check, and no pre-drilling is required for installation. Our top grade cedar decking has beautiful sound tight knots, a smooth planed surface, and a slight eased edge. Like all our products, it is graded very critically to make sure you are getting a premium product that really stands out. The quality of the cedar shows, and this means no wane, splits, or planer miss. If you are looking for a splinter free barefoot friendly deck, cedar is the ideal choice.

Cedar decking is a planed 5/4 x 6, finished at a true 1″ . [divider]

5/4×6″ White Cedar Decking Specifications

  • High quality eastern white
  • 5 1/2″ face
  • Full 1″ thick
  • Eased edge
  • 8′ lenghts
  • Air dried
  • Zero waste*

5/4x6 Cedar Decking

*All of our products are “zero waste.” This means you only pay for good usable product.


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