Live Edge Slabs

Live Edge Pine Slabs

[two_third]Every eastern white pine wood slab has it’s own unique character and story. Kiln Dried pine slabs are ideal for furniture making, one of a kind bars tops, countertops and tables.

For added stability we kiln dry the slabs, an essential service to avoid warping, twisting, checking and shrinkage as the slab dries.¬†All slabs under 24″ have the option being planed at our mill. Slabs over 24″ wide can easily be finished with a belt sander by our customers giving it the same beautiful smooth finish.

We stock a wide selection of slabs in various widths and thicknesses. Some have “live edge” meaning the bark is still on, while others are cleaned up on all four sides. If you would like to have the live edge hand peeled, we can do that for no additional charge.

We encourage you to call and set up an appointment to select your very own white pine wood slab from our stock. If we don’t have exactly what you are looking for, we can custom cut and dry a slab to your specifications.

Rough Green SlabKiln DriedPlanedHand Peeled
$4.00/board ftAdd $1.00/board ftAdd $1.00/board ft$25/slab

Current Inventory

The slabs below have been kiln dried and planed. If you would like a shorter slab than what you see listed, we can cut 16′ slabs down to 6′, 8′, or 10′.

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