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The most popular pattern in Eastern White Pine. A very versatile pattern which can be used in many applications, such as wainscoating, interior paneling and ceilings.

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Species: Eastern White Pine
Manufactured by: Robbins Lumber Co.
Made in: Searsmont, ME, USA
Thickness: 23/32″
Stocked at Wood Mill: 6″ and 8″ Premium Grade (please call ahead to confirm current availability)
Other Available Widths: 4″, 5″, 7″ 9″, 10″, 11″, 12″
Lengths: 6′, 8′, 10′, 12′, 14′, 16′ (sold random lengths)
Available Grades: #1 D Select & Better, #2 Finish, #3 Premium, #4 Standard, #5 Industrial
Pre-Finish Available: See pre-finished pine options here
End Trim Available: See end trim availability here
Joint Type:
Recommended Use: Interior

Minimum Order Quantity:
Cutting Waste:
Typical Lead Time:
Typical Weight per board foot
Shipping Options: Local pickup, Delivery by Wood Mill truck, LTL Carrier shipping – The most economical shipping option will be determined based on order size and your location. You may request a shipping quote by proceeding through the checkout. We will contact you with a shipping/delivery quote within 1 business day.
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Available WidthsManufacturer
Available GradesMade in
Joint TypeStocked at The Wood Mill of Maine
ReversiblePre-Finished Available
Recommended UseEnd Matched Available
Minimum Order QuantityRecommended Cutting Waste
Lead Time
Nominal SizeFace SizeWeight per board foot
1x43.125"Available Shipping OptionsHand delivery by Wood Mill, LTL Freight Delivery, Local Pickup
1x54.125"Installation GuideView Installation Guide


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NELMA’s Eastern White Pine grade rules define the limiting characteristics (knots, holes, splits, etc.) allowed in each grade (quality level). While the rules describe the poorest piece permitted within a grade, it is unlikely the maximum size or number of these characteristics would be present in any board.

#1 D & Better Select Grade

D & Better Select is a combination of the top two Eastern White Pine grades, C Select and D Select. Material of this high-quality grade combination is used for natural or stained finish applications, fine woodworking, or interior trim.

Although the reverse face of D Select shall permit sound characteristics typical of Standard grade material, C Select shall only permit the characteristics of D Select on the back. D Select, which is the lower of the two grades, allows pin knots (maximum size is approximately 1⁄2") and limits the total number of pin knots to one knot per surface foot. Checks and shake are barely perceptible. The occasional pocket is very small. A split will not exceed 1⁄2 the width. Pitch, when present, is evident, but limited by surface area of the piece. Medium stain (blue or coffee) cannot exceed 3⁄4 of the face surface area in a clear board, and less if present with other limiting characteristics. A larger surface area is allowable if the stain is light. Skip is permissible on the back face or one edge of 20% of the pieces. Wane is limited to the back face. Occasional pieces may require a cut to yield all usable lumber for finish work (loss not to exceed approximately 5%). Characteristics in C Select are no larger and less numerous than those same characteristics in D Select.

#2 Finish Grade

Finish grade material is a fine appearance, knotty grade calling for sound, tight knots that can be finished to take advantage of the natural characteristics of the piece or to give a fine smooth painted surface. The reverse face of Finish shall permit sound characteristics typical of Standard grade material.

This grade allows small, sound and tight knots ranging from 1 1⁄4" red knots and 5⁄8" black knots on a 4" board to 2 1⁄2" red knots and 7⁄8" black knots on a 12" or wider board. Knot holes in the face are not allowed. Checks will be no longer than 4". Pockets are very small and well scattered. Shake is light. A split will not exceed 1⁄2 the width. Pitch, when present, is evident but limited in its impact on the appearance of the piece. Medium stain (blue or coffee) cannot exceed 1⁄2 the face surface area. Wane is limited to the back face on one edge only. Skip (back face or one edge) is limited to 10% of the pieces.




#3 Premium Grade

Premium grade is a good appearance knotty grade used in the same applications as Finish where larger and more numerous characteristics are desired.

The reverse face of Premium shall permit sound characteristics typical of Standard grade material. This grade allows generally sound and tight knots ranging from 2" red knots and 3⁄4" black knots on a 4" board to 3 3⁄4" red knots and 1 1⁄2" black knots on a 12" or wider board. Black knots of maximum size are limited to one in pieces 6' through 9' and two in 10' and longer or equivalent smaller. A 12" board allows one knot hole up to 1" in diameter and proportionately smaller knot holes for narrower widths. Checks will be no longer than 10". Pockets are small but well scattered. Shake is light. Splits will not exceed the width of the board. When present, pitch is slightly more evident in this grade than in the Finish grade. Medium stain (blue or coffee) is permissible full face. Wane is limited to the back face. Skip on the reverse face or one edge is allowed in not more than 20% of the pieces. Seams are permitted partially surrounding a red knot.

#4 Standard Grade

Standard grade is highly serviceable and used in a wide variety of applications that take advantage of the full range of Eastern White Pine characteristics.

This grade allows for knots of any quality, in sizes ranging from 2 3⁄8" red knots and 1 3⁄4" black knots in a 4" board, to 6" red knots and 4" black knots in a 12" board. Knot holes must be no larger than 1⁄4 the width to a maximum of 2". Holes smaller than the maximum size are allowed, however, within any 8 linear feet the total combined size of the smaller holes must not exceed the maximum size hole allowed. Checks may be 1⁄4 the length of the board (not to exceed 3'). Shake can be through, up to 1⁄3 the length of the board. Pockets are large. Splits can be twice the width of the board but cannot exceed 1⁄6 the length. Edge breaks are allowed. Pitch can be heavy. Allowed stain is heavy. Wane is limited to the back face. Skip is on the reverse face and can be on one edge and is limited to 20% of the pieces. Seams are up to 1⁄6 the length of the board. Unsound wood is combined from both faces; If advanced decay is at the maximum allowed of 10% (no more than 1% on the best face) no other decay is allowed on the piece. The grade also permits worm holes.

#5 Industrial Grade

Industrial grade is the lowest common board grade. It admits large characteristics in any combination as long as the piece is usable full length. This material is generally used in rough construction where strength and appearance are not of primary importance.

This grade allows large characteristics in any combination as long as the full length of the board is useable. Sound and unsound knots, shake, checks, pitch, pitch pockets, hit or miss dressing, pith, stain, warp, knot holes, bark and pitch, seams, wane, skip, and worm holes are allowable. Any characteristics which seriously weaken the piece for reasonable handling will not be permitted. The splits in this grade cannot exceed 1⁄4 the length. Advanced decay is limited to no more than 1⁄2 the surface area.