Cedar 8″ Log Siding

$2.98 / linear foot

Local eastern white cedar!

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Cedar 8″ log siding is perfect for those who want the look of a cedar log home without building with full logs. To complete this look, consider adding matching false, butt and pass style log corners. The siding is available in both T&G and shiplap profiles. However, T&G is more popular due to the fact that you can blind nail in the tongue, leaving no exposed nails on the face of the siding.

Cedar 8″ Log Siding Specifications

  • Made by The Wood Mill of Maine
  • High Quality eastern white cedar
  • Rounded face for the look of a full log
  • 7 1/8″ face (14 courses for 8′ walls)
  • Matching 6×8″ butt and pass style false corners available
  • Tongue & Groove (also available as shiplap by request)
  • Random Length 4′ – 8′
  • Air Dried
  • Smooth Finsih
  • No caulk required
  • Zero Waste*

Cedar 8" Log Siding

Cedar 8″ Log Siding Installation

As with any of our log siding products, proper installation and finishing ( Q8 log oil ) are key to protecting the siding from moisture absorption and UV degradation.

  • Keep the log siding in a dry area to prevent it from picking up moisture before installation.
  • After hanging all of the siding, lightly power wash with Cedar Wash to clean the surface and gently raise the grain so it will better absorb the stain or finish.
  • While no caulk is required, we do recommend using Energy Seal around windows, doors and other openings. This will help prevent water from getting behind the siding over time.
  • Once the log siding is clean, use a high quality primer, stain and clear topcoat for the best protection.

*All of our products are “zero waste.” This means you only pay for good usable product.


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