Cedar 6″ False Log Corner

Cedar 6″ False Log Corner

$28.22 / piece

Local eastern white cedar!

Mostly 4′ (3′ tails)

Please specify how much overhang you would like in the order notes!

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Cedar 6″ false log corners are perfect for those who want the look of a cedar log home without building with full logs. Our butt and pass style false corners match perfectly to our log siding for a seamless look that could make even the best builders think that you have a traditional log home.

Cedar 6″ False Log Corner Specifications

  • Made by The Wood Mill of Maine
  • High quality eastern white cedar
  • Perfect match to our 6″ Cedar Log Siding
  • 5 1/8″ face (19 log corners per corner for 8′ walls)
  • Rounded face for the look of a full log
  • Tongue & Groove (shiplap and flat also available)
  • 3′- 4′ pieces
  • 50% left corners, 50% right corners, unless otherwise specified
  • Air Dried
  • Smooth Finish
  • No caulk required
  • Zero Waste*

Cedar 6" False Log Corner

Pine 6″ False Log Corner Installation

As with any of our log siding products, proper installation and finishing are key to protecting the siding from moisture absorption and UV degradation.

  • Keep the log siding & corners in a dry area to prevent it from picking up moisture before installation.
  • After hanging all of the siding & corners, lightly power wash with Cedar Wash to clean the surface and gently raise the grain so it will better absorb the stain or finish.
  • While no caulk is required, we do recommend using Energy Seal along the top of each corner where it meets the siding. This will help prevent water from getting behind the siding over time.
  • Once the log corners are clean, use a high quality primer, stain and clear topcoat for the best protection.

*All of our products are “zero waste.” This means you only pay for good usable product.


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